About us

FASHIONBANK started with an ambitious goal – to be the go-to online platform where everyone in the fashion industry can access, find, and share PR material. We are a lookbook with a tangible purpose - to help the press and publications discover the looks they need.

We know from personal experience, the current way designers, brands, publications and PR agencies exchange materials needs a serious makeover. We are that makeover. We’ve created a beautiful online system that has reimagined the way fashion companies can share and find material. Say goodbye to the time consuming, expen- sive and error-sensitive ways of yesterday, and say hello to FASHIONBANK.

At FASHIONBANK, we’re more than problem-solvers. We’re fashion obsessed. Our favourite activity has always been exploring cutting edge collections online and on the streets. But in too many cases, and due to tight deadlines in publishing, what often gets featured, showcased, and spotlighted is determined by the ease of access to PR materials. This means the same brands and the same items reoccur in different kinds of media around the world.

It’s our mission to change this by making a platform where brands and PR agencies can safely store their digital assets and where these assets can be easily accessed by members of the press online 24/7. Let’s show the world everything fashion has to offer.


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